Tahukah Anda Apa Kebaikan DNA-NA?

Tahukah anda apakepentingan DNA  kepada tubuh badan manusia? Disini terdapat beberapa kajian yang menunjukkan DNA sangat penting dan berguna untuk tubuh manusia.

Physiological function of DNA-Na

*Whats DNA-Na?

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) plays a role of genetic information in our life. It is also a source of important nutrients along with sugar, protein, vitamins and minerals for our body, and it is recognized as the 7th essential nutrient. Nucleic acid is biosynthesized by de novo pathways in our body, but this ability is reduced by aging. Therefore it is important to take DNA as a food ingredient or a supplement for providing a source of salvaged biosynthesis of DNA. Our DNA-Na and NUCLEOPROTEIN (mixture of DNA and gene protein) is purified from high quality natural salmon milt. It is safe and available for dietary supplements. This report demonstrates the results of our study of DNA-Na.

*The Effect of taking DNA-Na on Alcohol Metabolism.

It is thought that DNA-Na is able to improve the hepatic function of consuming alcohol. We studied the effect of taking DNA-Na on alcohol metabolism. And we also tested turmeric extract, which is expected the same effect on alcohol. In this study, healthy volunteers (men, n=11, Age: 30y. -50y.) took DNA-Na (2 g) tablets, or turmeric extract (1.5g : granulated powder containing 30mg of curucumin) 30 min before drinking beer (633 mL, alcoholicity: 5.5%). Their blood was tested at regular intervals (0,1,2,4hr). At these points, their blood alcohol level, blood acetaldehyde level, and blood acetic acid level were checked. As a result of alcohol level, neither the test groups who consumed the DNA-Na supplement nor who consumed the turmeric extract supplement showed significant difference compared with the control group.

Fig.1: Change of blood alcohol level after drinking alcohol

On the other hand, the results of their blood acetaldehyde level and acetic acid level showed a significant difference between the test groups who consumed the DNA-Na (not only 2000mg taken group but also 500mg taken group) and the control group. Therefore, DNA-Na suppressed the elevation of blood acetaldehyde level and accelerated up-tendency of blood acetic acid level. These results suggested that DNA-Na activated acetaldehydedehydrogenase (ALDH) activity and it had an improvement effect against bad-feeling of alcohol more than the turmeric extract. These blood kinetics data were supported by volunteer’s comments “DNA-Na didn’t make them sick after drinking.”

*The Effect of taking DNA-Na on inhibition of aging.

The shortage of nucleic acids in our body may be contributed to the aging process. Taking high nucleic acid containing supplements may prevent the aging process. We have studied the anti-aging function on DNA-Na. In this study, 0.1% of DNA-Na was administrated to senescence-accelerated mice (SAMP male and female n= 7 respectively) with their feed for 11 months. The results showed that the mice administrated DNA-Na received better aging scores compared with the control mice.

In the same experiment, it was found that the abilities of breeding (number of total babies) and weaning were improved. The rate of weaning success was defined as a number of babies that were alive for 3 weeks against the number of total babies. Improving of the rate of weaning success means that parentsphysical strength and their brain function were in a good condition. Besides the concentration and the activity of sperm were improved. [Collaboration with Prof. S.Yamamoto (Ochanomizu women’s University) and Providence University in Taiwan]

*The Effect of taking DNA-Na on brain function.

We have studied the effect of taking DNA-Na on brain function. The diet containing 0.1% of DNA-Na was administrated to senescence accelerated mice (male and female n= 7 respectively) for 11 months. These results suggested that supplementation of DNA-Na may reduce the age-induced deterioration of certain memory tasks in senescence-accelerated mice.

DNA meberi banyak kebaikan kepada manusia dari segi kesihatan dan juga untuk anti penuaan.  Oleh itu, Marissa Asthetic memperkenalkan DNA-Enzyme Booster yang menggunakan formula khusus bagi membaikpulih hormone dan melambatkan proses penuaan. DNA-Booster ini mengandungi protein yang mengandungi protein yang terbaik daripada tumbuh-tumbuhan, ekstrak beras perang, Triliseride yang diperlukan tubuh,  Lechitin, L Carnitine, Vitamin A D E, Vitamin B1 B2 B B6 B12 Calcium, Magnesium, Zink, Iodine, Chickory dan Phylium yang memberi nilai terbaik kepada produk ini adalah kerana kesemua komponen ini sangat di perlukan bagi meningkatkan metabolic dan memastikan kesegaran tubuh semasa berdiet. Produk ini sesuai bagi mereka yang ingin memperbaiki system metabolic dan menurunkan berat badan. Ia mudah di gunakan sebagai gantian makanan dengan hanya membancuh dengan air suam sahaja.Kelebihan : −Membaik Pulih DNA −Membaiki Sitem Metabolik −Meningkatkan Sumber Tenaga −Mempercepatkan Proses Pecah Lemak


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